Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Celebrate Black History Month 2007!

'We Have a Voice; An Anthology of African and Caribbean Student Writing in BC'

Join us for the exciting launch for We Have a Voice. This new anthology features writings by students exploring the academic and personal issues relating to both the African and Caribbean continents and/or transnational experiences. The book sheds light on the experiences of BC's past, present and future students of this descent. All proceeds from sales will go toward a new African and Caribbean Studies resource library at UBC.

The official Anthology launch takes place Thursday February 15 at 7:30pm in Vancouver Public Library's Central branch on 350 West Georgia Street. Admission is free and all are welcome

Book orders may also be placed through emailing thecaa@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Dear family,
Congratulations, thanks and appreciation for a short, sweet, educating
and entertaining evening of Black Our-Story (history) Month.
Special thanks to Dr. Yvonne Brown for her opening speech, jogging our
memories on events in history some would like to now "sweep under the rug".
A LOUD shout out to Rita Dickson (Ready for Bare), Keita Demming
(Blackness), Tess Kingston (Queen with Class) and Andrea Goldson (And so I
rise). I feel and relate to you all.
Wishing you success on the "We Have A Voice" project.

Anonymous said...

this is great and all, but where exactly is this book available? only through a personal email? where has it been published? is it being used in curriculum? is it is available in libraries? which book stores carry it?