Monday, February 21, 2011

Good News

Reading Break is over.
School's back on.
March is right around the corner.

Here's something to make you smile...



Yup, it's going to be amazing.

Have an amazing week :)

Monday, February 07, 2011

It's FINALLY Here...

The highly anticipated MIA: Minorities in Action, featuring LULL MENGESHA takes place today - SUB Rm 217 @ 5pm.

See all your beautiful faces there!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy Black History Month

Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's the first of the month!

The first day of this month also marks the beginning of Black History Month 2011, a time to remember, commemorate, and celebrate inspirational people of the past who have contributed to African/Black people all around the world.

This month, CAA encourages you to think of your own Historic Black figure. Consider their struggles, their work, their passion and their power to trigger change.

We also remind you that these capabilities lie within all of us.

Happy Black History Month Ya'll!

Bless Up,
CAA exec.

General Meeting & Club Night!

Clear your plans for Feb 9th & come enjoy a good ol' fashioned CAA gathering to prep you for a week of relaxation (or studying, depending on how you're using your time)- Reading Break! We'll all be getting together at the Global Lounge for some food, refreshments and good times!!

Screening the movie City of God (, mingling, and then topping off the evening with a, always fun and lively, CLUB NIGHT!!

We'll be heading out to Shine Nightclub at 10pm to take in some reggae, hip hop & dancehall tunes. Contact your local CAA exec for tix ($10)!! Ya'll don't wanna miss this ...


Lull Mengesha comes to UBC!

FEBRUARY 7TH!!! It's almost here...

The evening will begin with a background on the African Studies Program here at UBC. A representative of UBC’s Africa Awareness Initiative will be discussing the start and growth of the current Minor program and the work being done to develop an eventual African Studies Major in the future.

Following ...we have a current student in the African Studies Program voicing their experiences and frustrations. A fourth-year student,Kait Bolongaro, tells us a bit about UBC’s underdeveloped African Studies Minor Program.

The keynote speaker is a recent Master’s Degree Graduate and the author of “The Only Black Student”: LULL MENGESHA, joining us from Seattle, WA to share an interactive and relatable presentation promising something everyone can learn from. He’ll be discussing the experiences minorities in a post-secondary environment may come across, as well as offering advice and tips on overcoming obstacles. Motivated, knowledgeable, and funny, you won’t want to miss Lull!

Check out this recent interview on King 5:

And of course, there will be some light refereshments and snacks offered :)

Can’t wait to see you all there!!

Upcoming Events...

We got two exciting events quickly approaching in this February’s Black History Month. The events touch on CAA’s two-sides: the SERIOUS & the SOCIAL....

First up, we have M.I.A: Minorities in Action. Lull Mengesha, a University of Washington Alumni, will be discussing his self-published a book The Only Black Student. The book touches on his experiences as a minority in a post-secondary environment. Knowledgeable, relatable and hilarious – you don’t want to miss out on this amazing speaker!

When: Feb 7th @ 5pm

Where: Student Union Building (SUB)

For more information on Lull, check out his site and recent interview at

Next up, we have the CAA General Meeting! Come enjoy a good ol' fashioned CAA gathering, fully equipped with snacks, refreshments and good times!! We’ll be screening the movie City of God (, mingling, and then topping off the evening with a, always fun and lively, CLUB NIGHT!! Come take in some reggae, hip hop & dancehall tunes at Shine Nightclub. Contact your local CAA exec for tix ($10)!! It’s about to go down...

When: Feb 9th @ 5pm (Heading to Shine @ 10pm)

Where: Global Lounge, Marine Drive